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Debt Elimination

Debt Free 4 Life™ 

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Our society has a massive debt problem and this is why: today, simultaneously, credit card debt, student loan debt, and mortgage debt are at all-time historical highs.

At exactly the same time, our government has a debt problem of its own that many believe will result in significant future tax rate increases.

Our mission is to help people like you, who want to rid themselves of debt in a manner that seeks the lowest effective interest cost, eliminates their debt and creates capital so future debt is never needed using our Debt Free 4 Life™ approach.

What We Are Not

Debt Free 4 Life™ is not:

A refinance which resets debt.

Nor is it a questionable debt consolidation loan, because these typically extend the debt or suppresses interest for a short period, after which the interest rate skyrockets.

What is Debt Free 4 Life™?

Debt Free 4 Life™ is a mathematical method using a non-traditional debt snowball approach. Snowballing is a popular method for paying off your lowest balance loan first and then “snowballing” that payment from your paid off loan into your next debt and continuing this pattern until all of your debts are paid in full.

Debt Free 4 Life™ uses a similar approach but adds the important component of constantly compounding interest to your plan which is critical to remaining Debt Free 4 Life™ and building future net worth.

As debts are eliminated, your net worth naturally increases, as the financial burden of debt is reduced taxable scenarios present themselves as you accumulate capital. This accumulated capital will serve as future retirement assets to help you through your retirement years and as a source of funds for future major purchases.


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