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Covering Your Assets

CYA Insurance is here to provide a personalized approach to covering your assets. We will not compromise in putting clients first; each client, every time, one client at a time.

Our Services

What We Do

Home & Auto Insurance

No place can beat the comfort of your home. It's the place you can unwind and rejoice despite the chaos that out there. Outside of your family and health, your home and auto are major investments. We look at coverages, deductibles, and carrier strength; leveraging our experience and relationships to deliver you the most comprehensive cost-effective coverage.

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Commercial Trucking

A seasoned service team that backs you after the sale sets our team apart. We have the insurance carriers and markets for any type of trucking risk and the experienced team to help you reduce you risks and cost of insurance.

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Debt Elimination

Debt Free 4 Life™ takes a unique approach to to not only eliminate debt, but to make sure you never end up in debt again. You pay less debt and pay it off faster and end up with a nest where you can borrow from yourself and never need to take out an amortized loan again. Meaning? More money in YOUR pocket. 

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Tax Free Retirement Income

The Tax Smart 4 Life™ approach helps you lower your lifetime effective tax cost through tax awareness. 

Secure Income 4 Life™ is an interactive game designed to teach the incredible change, mathematically, from the accumulation phase of building retirement assets to the distribution phase of taking retirement income. Sequence of returns defines success or failure in retirement.

Life Insurance

More than just survivor benefits, that pass tax free to your beneficiary. CYA structures life insurance policies with a focus on living benefits. Life insurance is a permanent, contractual obligation that can provide tax deferred growth, income tax free loans, creditor protection, living benefits for chronic illness, critical health issues and potential long-term care needs. 

Business Owners

Working with managing business owners, senior management, and affluent individuals we develop a holistic plan focused on four key areas of your business and family life.

About Us

Who We Are

CYA Insurance is here to provide a personalized approach to covering your assets. We will not compromise in putting clients first; each client, every time, one client at a time. CYA is comprised of folks from your hometown and is here to get to know you as a client so we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs. With that standard in mind, we established CYA as an independent agency. Our years of experience have taught us that no one insurance company has the best of everything. Being independent allows us unlimited access to solutions to meet your needs no matter your circumstance. We will leverage our insurance relationships and experience to educate our clients and empower them to be in a position of control when making decisions for their families and businesses. Covering your assets is about more than just insurance, it is about securing your family’s current and future needs and dreams no matter your age, net worth, or stage in life.

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