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Home  & Auto Insurance

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Auto Insurance

​If you want to drive a car in Texas, you will have to hold car insurance to register your vehicle. At CYA Group LLC, we want to make sure that you have all the Texas auto insurance that you need.  CYA Insurance Agency offers various deductibles and liability limits on automobile insurance at competitive prices. Coverage is available for:

·       Car

·       Truck

·       Van

·       Motor Home

·       Travel Trailer

Auto insurance coverage is designed to cover auto-related damages, losses, or injuries. Automobile insurance is not only protection for you and your auto, it also provides insurance coverage for your passengers, fellow drivers, pedestrians, and other people's property. It can also protect you in the event of an automobile-related lawsuit.

Minimum Insurance Requirements in Texas. ​In order to purchase Texas auto insurance, you need specific coverage types on your auto insurance policy:

·       Liability insurance: Bodily injury coverage

·       Property insurance

​Property insurance covers your assets in the event that you are found to be responsible for an auto accident in Texas. It will cover a certain amount of damage caused to the other party's property and car in the event of an accident.

Bodily injury coverage will protect your assets in the event you are found to be responsible for an auto accident in Texas. This includes any costs or medical expenses incurred by another party as a result of the accident.

​Some liability coverage will also cover legal costs incurred as a result of an accident.

​Additional Auto Insurance in Texas. ​Additional coverages that you may consider for auto insurance in Texas include the following:

·       Comprehensive insurance: Repairs your car for theft, fire, flood (sometimes), damage, or breakage occurs

·       Collision insurance: Covers your property damage in an accident

·       Uninsured/underinsured motorist: Covers costs when the other party is responsible for an accident and does not have enough insurance

·       Medical benefits/Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

​You may also add accident forgiveness insurance, which means the insurance company forgives you in the event of an accident and does not increase your rates. Some insurance companies also offer roadside assistance insurance.

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​Home Insurance

​Given that your home is one of your significant investments, the best thing you can do is to protect it by purchasing home insurance from CYA Group LLC to cushion you financially in the event of a disaster.  CYA Insurance Agency offers coverage for your:

·       Home

·       Manufactured Home or Mobile Home

·       Modular Home

·       Builder's Risk

·       Duplex, Triplex or Four-Plex Home

·       Compact Dwelling

Types of home insurance. ​Here are the typical home insurance options you are likely to encounter in Texas:

·       Dwelling coverage: Protects the structure of your building against perils like fire, lightning, hail, and windstorms.

·       Personal belongings: This policy covers your assets, including electronics, clothing, and furniture.

·       Liability coverage: The coverage protects you if someone gets hurt in your property, or you cause damage to their property.

·       Additional living expense (ALE) coverage: If your home cannot be occupied due to damage from a covered peril, this policy covers additional living expenses exceeding your everyday spending.

·       Medical payments: Covers medical costs for a guest if they sustain injuries within your premises.

Home insurance comes with lots of benefits. Beyond asset and liability protection, home insurance gives you peace of mind.

​CYA Insurance Agency offers personal property coverage on the things you have in your home that are not permanently attached to the home. These personal possessions may include clothing, kitchen items, furniture, and household appliances such as washing machines, clothes dryer, refrigerators, and stoves. To document your personal property, make a complete inventory and keep the list in a safe location away from the home. When you begin to list all of your belongings and the value to replace them, this amount may become more than you think. If you have expensive jewelry, cameras, silverware, art collections, golfing equipment, musical equipment, guns, and personal computers that are in excess of the property limit coverage, CYA Insurance agency carriers offer you additional insurance coverage to replace those items. Consider adding them to your policy as a scheduled item.

What is not covered in home insurance? ​It's crucial to know what your policy does not cover to avoid future disappointments. Your home insurance does not cover damage resulting from:

·       Mold and pest infestation

·       Regular wear and tear

·       Wars

·       Floods and earthquakes

If you are unsure of what is not covered by your home insurance plan, please talk to your agent for clarity.

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​It would be best if you got it right from the start — paying for what is necessary for your home and auto insurance, not overpaying. An insurance agent will guide you in making the best choice for your policy. Would you like to protect your valuable assets? Look no further than CYA Group LLC. And CYA Insurance Agency, contact us today for an affordable insurance quote.

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